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How to convert 1 kilometer to miles?

1 km *0.6213711922 mi= 0.6213711922 mi
1 km
A common question is How many kilometer in 1 mile? And the answer is 1.609344 km in 1 mi. Likewise the question how many mile in 1 kilometer has the answer of 0.6213711922 mi in 1 km.

How much are 1 kilometers in miles?

1 kilometers equal 0.6213711922 miles (1km = 0.6213711922mi). Converting 1 km to mi is easy. Simply use our calculator above, or apply the formula to change the length 1 km to mi.

Convert 1 km to common lengths

Nanometer1e+12 nm
Micrometer1000000000.0 µm
Millimeter1000000.0 mm
Centimeter100000.0 cm
Inch39370.0787402 in
Foot3280.83989501 ft
Yard1093.61329834 yd
Meter1000.0 m
Kilometer1.0 km
Mile0.6213711922 mi
Nautical mile0.5399568035 nmi

What is 1 kilometers in mi?

To convert 1 km to mi multiply the length in kilometers by 0.6213711922. The 1 km in mi formula is [mi] = 1 * 0.6213711922. Thus, for 1 kilometers in mile we get 0.6213711922 mi.

1 Kilometer Conversion Table

1 Kilometer Table

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